For this post I will get on the bandwagon like everyone before me and honour the change in the world…

The first American Black President!
The Obamas and their two daughters, Sasha (center) and Malia, celebrate in Des Moines, Iowa after Barack’s victory in the Oregon primary. (Tribune photo by Zbigniew Bzdak 2008)

Though we may all be in awe of this man and his achievements, for me the biggest question will be how will he be handling his foreign policy? This will be the main decision he will have to make and it will be done soon within the weeks. The president elect has a hard task ahead and now we will see if he can meet his commitments.

The Guardian has been running some interesting and intellectual pieces of article which you can read here.

Now we all wait and see…

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2 Comments to Obamafication

  1. I'm one of those who was euphoric about the outcome of the election, simply because it means change in so many ways.As for his policies though, I doubt there'll be any drastic changes, but hopefully there will be improvements Time should tell. I say we give him a chance, at least. (For me, anything is better than Bush).

  2. I think we know his position with regard to Israel. He made that perfectly clear when he was campaigning.No matter which candidate won, the outcome always seemed like it would be the same with regard to that issue. It's a lose-lose situation.

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