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I have been running around like a headless chicken and suffering from a huge dose of insomnia. Due to this I have been very much online with Twitter and the likes there of. No wonder on Wednesday night I got a little tweet to tell me about the events unfolding in Mumbai. I was shocked, horrified and dismayed.

Staying up till the morning [or rather not sleeping at all] I tracked events and at the same time felt helpless without satellite news and a working internet connection. Thank god Twitter can be easily accessed through your phone and as most of you know I can be highly addicted to my phone.

But this is not about twitter, though it was the first to bring the breaking news to people across the globe. Big thumbs up to citizen journalism and yes there is a place in the world for you guys but I have to say it is restricted to breaking news.

This is about the thoughts and horror stories that filled my head while watching events unfold. And know that its still happening 2 days on.

My first thoughts were of course who is claiming responsibility for these attacks. Will they again go after the usual “Muslim Terrorist” – those crazy fundamentals? Will India blame Pakistan for the attacks? Can this lead to a nuclear war? [Not forgetting that India and Pakistan both have nuclear warheads lying in their backyards]. Also was this was turning out to be India’s 9/11. What action will the country take? Those questions can’t be answered as yet since the gun battles are still going on. Attacking the Taj and Oberoi hotels was extremely clever planning and these gunmen were definitely not ‘normal’ islamic terrorists. Precise planning and tech capabilities are allowing them to run havoc in the financial capital of India.

Worrying as this all was I was sad that I was missing from the action. I was actually wishing I was there reporting being in the thick of it all. Reminded me of the adrenaline rush I felt during May this year in South Africa, when the xenophobic attacks were happening.

No I am not saying that I condone the attacks. I CONDEM it completely but as a journalist its in my blood to want to be there, to feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. To let it all subside and to let the tears come at the horror that you see and witness. I am human and tears will be natural for I am a girl with feelings. But I would still want to be there. I want to tell the news and I want to tell it as it happens. If it was not for those witnessing it first hand I would not have heard about it till the next morning like a lot of my friends.

Where am I leading with all this?

Well no where exactly. Its just me putting my thoughts down and letting you all know about it. Its me agreeing that citizen journalism rocks for breaking news. Its me showing that I’m a little crazy wanting to be in the thick of things and not caring about my own self. Its just all about me.

On another note on me, another reason I have been running around without a head [see first line on chickens] is I’m writing a few articles for World Aids Day on Monday. Have you ever tried coordinating an article with a round up from all parts of Africa?

Yicks its an intense hard process, but I pulled it off. Now its wait and see if the editor loves or hates it. [hoping loves it!!!]

Its hard doing these stories. You meet people living with the virus who give you hope and show you that love exists and then you meet others who make your heart break into a million pieces.

Hoping to have something written up for my blog on Monday. All depends on the madness that will arise with my stories from today till Sunday night.

Be safe everyone

And my condolences to the families in Mumbai and to everyone effected and affected with HIV/AIDS!!!


PS: and there was the #27Dinner this week…awesome people out there. Photo Credit to Za5

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