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Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave

So I’ve been asked to write a review on the Samsung Wave. For one I am no techy person who understands the in and outs of how the phone should work and what it should do, but I am highly addicted to gadgets and generally asses them in the way I know best – Can I use them? And can it do the things I want it to do?

For a phone that’s quiet a bit. I want it to be able to connect me to my social networks, make calls; sms a whole lot and take pictures and videos, since I am addicted to doing just that.

Like any other person who receives a new toy the first thing I did was get it out of its packaging and get my sim card into it as fast as possible and start it up. “Read the manual first,” people say, “Urr manual, who needs that”, is how I usually approach all gadgets and the Samsung Wave was no different.

Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave

I did end up opening the manual though just so I could get a better grip on this little gorgeous baby. Yes baby, it’s exactly that. Smooth to touch, easy to hold, but does things you don’t know a shitload about.

Playing with this little toy, it has the most amazing surprises. The touch screen is easy to use and sensitive to touch, better then the current phone I have. I hear its all scratch proof, but I was not willing to test it out, but you can see all about it here.  Once in the App Store download ARDefender [read Palesa’s review on it here]. This augmented reality game had me shooting around for hours, not forgetting the Need for Speed. Makes me feel like I’m a kid again turning the device like a joystick almost 180 degrees.

The music player is neat as well but the one thing I did love was the camera. I am a camera addict and this one lives up to expectations. Comparing it to my current phone camera it is a few megapixels short, but good, impressive, clean pictures as well as being able to take pictures faster then my normal phone. Also the camera has is an HD quality video camera which is amazing.

On those points the Samsung Wave is a definite must have.

My disappointment lay in the social media capabilities. Facebook and Twitter Apps need to be relooked at and redesigned. Twitter had me deleting friends ‘by mistake’ and Facebook was way too confusing and did not allow other improved functionality that can be found in iPhone and Blackberry apps.

Other then that this is one amazing beauty, which I refuse, may return. Techy’s remind me its all about Bada* – the new operating system by Samsung that the Wave uses, but to me its one of the most pleasurable little toys to add to my collection, once they up the game for the Twitter and Facebook App!

Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave capabilities

*Bada is Korean for Ocean therefore the whole Wave usage.

5 Comments to Review: Samsung Wave

  1. Samsungs look nice and they have nice features – but people say their battery life sucks, compared to other brands. (WHich i can attest to – since i currently use one).

    So for me, if it comes down to style versus practicality – I’ll take practicality. which means i don’t want a samsung next.

  2. I’ve been playing around with one of these for a review as well, and I’m going to experience massive separation anxiety when I return it.
    I agree with what your take on the built-in twitter/facebook apps. I would’ve loved some sort of camera/twitpic integration. I haven’t read the manual yet though;)

  3. Hey Saals, you would love the phone, though the Samsung Galaxy now has caught my attention. 🙂

    Manual – what manual?

    who needs that 🙂

  4. @dreamlife
    "Samsungs look nice and they have nice features"

    exactly what i feel

    i should appreciate the person who shared such a worthy article.

    thanks 😀

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