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Meeting Above & Beyond

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So thanks to the guys Stacy and Carrie, I got to meet the Above & Beyond duo of Jono Grant and Tony McGuinness. I have to admit they were not what I expected. Not only were they humble amazing guys but Jono even joked about coming to perform Trance Around...

On this day… 20 years ago


On this day 20 years ago one of the greatest men walked out of prison to the welcoming arms of his people. Many people in South Africa today are remembering this day, but like many I was one of those too young to realise the meaning of it all. Sure...

Remembering the Senses

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I’ve been promising to write all I can about my trip about a month and a half back to Maputo, Mozambique. But along the way I lost the plot a bit. This is me here trying to rectify this little mishap. Listening to Nickelback blasting in my ears and writing this...

Green With PRIDE for my Country — South Africa


So this post finds me on a high from watching South Africa vs. Brazil in the second Confederation Cup final in Johannesburg, South Africa. Been meaning to post my thoughts on the previous matches I attended but I’ve just gotten more and more carried away with events happening around me. Some...

Death to a Nation…or two


Its been forever since I last blogged properly. But that’s ok. I have come to terms with myself. The realization that the staunch once a week blogger does not exist anymore. She has moved on to realizing that life is more then blogging though I maybe shot by people since...

Success: Spring in your step

Blood, Bombs, Guns…Adrenaline Rush!


I have been running around like a headless chicken and suffering from a huge dose of insomnia. Due to this I have been very much online with Twitter and the likes there of. No wonder on Wednesday night I got a little tweet to tell me about the events unfolding...