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Gareth Cliff on Everything

* I have one book to give away thanks to Gareth Cliff and his team.  All the details on how you can enter at the end of this post.

Gareth Cliff on Everything

Gareth Cliff on Everything

Every time I hear Gareth Cliff on his 5FM Breakfast slot, chances are my body cringes and my ears beg the question: Did he really say that?

True to form, he did. And he has half the South African population after him for saying it as it is or for saying it the way he sees it. ‘Cliff on Everything’ is just that. It’s a collection of Cliff’s opinions and essays, including his famous letters to government.

Its opinionated, self indulgent, entertaining, makes me want to slap him over the head book, which lives up to his motto of making some noise. Its not a book we haven’t seen before – reminds me a bit of Jeremy Clarkson, but its short easy reads which can be read at anytime.

No matter how much you love or hate him, one thing is certain – Cliff is an educated, enlightened individual even if he seems otherwise live on air.

My opinion: I dislike the man most times, but I admire him for being able to say it as he sees it. His book has me reading intrigued, even though some of it I have read online already. Its all him and I didn’t expect anything more or less.

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2 Comments to Cliff On Everything*

  1. Isn’t he just amazing. . 🙂 love him. . He makes me smile every morning. . #HappyDays with gareth no moodyness in the mornings for me. . 😀 😀

  2. Shahieda Hendricks

    Gareth has something that none of the others have which makes him 1 of the best. People say that Gareth is moody and has issues…well I just say people justdon’t like hearing the truth about themselves which is sad really. Ahhh…Shame they want to hear nice thing now and have bad things said behind there back. Thats what I love about Gareth he say’s is while you on air and you can gives you a chance to respond lol. We need more people like Gareth in this world

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