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Eid, Pick Pockets and Life


People usually tell me my life is exciting but these last two days steal the cake for this month. Yesterday, 17 November 2010, was Eid ul Adha. One of the times I love most and I love going home, Durban and spending it with the family. This year was no...

How do I deal…?


Someone told me that the best way for me to heal is to write what someone means to me. I am a writer and a blogger but sometimes words are hard to put down. How do you say goodbye to a friend? How do you let go even though they’ve...



Was feeling a bit lost since I hadn’t written a blog post in a while. My down side is that I usually write when I feel passionately about something, and if that’s the case then sadly these days I’m not a very passionate person. So I visited my old blog home. Went...