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Hotel Fasting

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It’s Ramadan, and during this time most people hate travelling. Somehow though it always happens with me that I get sent away to some African country. First year in Jhb and lucky I was sent to Madagascar about 2 weeks after Ramadan. Second year in Jhb [last year] I get...


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The reason for reposting it here is to make sure that my other readers get a chance to share in the debate. Welcome to the land of the Gold Coast and the slave traders. Yes Akwaaba means welcome and you certainly are as I mentioned previously in my last post. Here...

Smiles all around

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Ghana is definitely not what I expected at all. Neither is Ramadan for me here. I have been so busy working and meeting people that the fact that I am fasting seems to have passed me by. Except the fact that I really really need some sleep....