Zim — changes?


I found this poor guy at the corner of Sandton Drive and William Nicol and convinced him for a pic. He obliged as long as Idid not capture his face.

I think many of us are now holding our breath and hoping that the deal signed today between Mugabe and Tsvingari will bring peace and stability to the once rich country. As many Zimbabweans I have met along the way remind me… “We will go back, if we get peace and you can have your country again”… the problem is the peace and stability. People do not want to live in fear for their and their families lives.

This is hoping that the new signed deal with a Prime Minister and a President and 2 Dep PM’s and 2 Dep Pres’ will bring the much needed peace to this beautiful conutry.

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2 Comments to Zim — changes?

  1. Ha ha ha, poor ostrich…he should have asked you for some cash to pay the bail for taking his pictures 🙂

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