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Proud supporters of the South African National Team

Proud supporters of the South African National Team

So this post finds me on a high from watching South Africa vs. Brazil in the second Confederation Cup final in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Been meaning to post my thoughts on the previous matches I attended but I’ve just gotten more and more carried away with events happening around me. Some may find this post seriously delayed but this is my blog [I reiterate] and I have the joy of posting what I want, when and how I want it.

Honestly no matter what people say and the shitty press coverage South Africa seems to garner… there’s just one thing I can say… SOUTH AFRICA YOU CAN BE PROUD!!!

These last few weeks of intense football has shown the world we can pull it off. Bring on World Cup 2010, bring on the world!! We have what it takes and we going to show you how a nation still stands together. A nation just in their adolescent years.

I am proud and honoured to be a South African. To being in the stadium last night [25 June 2009] and singing the national anthem with pride and a little tears in my eyes. To hear 49 000 people cheering on both teams and to know that on the world stage ‘Our boys’ [Bafana Bafana] can perform.

We did not stand in awe of the likes of Kaka and Robinho but fought to the end to win and be the champions, to be the ones who go into the finals knowing that a nation stands behind pushing, encouraging and blessing you for bringing us all together.

But alas that was not so. We lost but only in the dying minutes and I am proud of the way my country has performed. From where we were three months go to playing like this. I am loving it.

The Confederation Cup is seen as the pre-empt to the World Cup and as a training so that the world cup can go smoothly. Well this was indeed a training mission for the South Africans and the Gauteng administrators.

I have to say that there definitely were teething problems, but as I said it was TEETHING issues. Nothing majorly catastrophic like a stampede.

My first match was the Egypt vs. Italy match and the major concern I had after the match was the ‘Park and Ride’ facilities. It was at this point that I realised that a lot had to do with poor organisation and the nature of the crowd. Yes this is my one and only grip with the Local Organising committee.

The park and ride worked beautifully going to the ground, as most supporters arrive in various different batches. It’s after the match when things get a bit ‘unruly’ and crowd control is lacking.

My second match was the Brazil vs. Italy at Loftus, Pretoria. The organisation on was perfect and brilliant. Clear boards pointed you to your awaiting buses, people were helpful and friendly, no pushing and no shoving, but then again the crowd here was mediocre.

SO I know that this Confederation Cup was a test and I hope the guys in Johannesburg will learn from their counterparts in Pretoria.

Many have complained about the Vuvuzelas at the game, but this is South Africa, this is Africa. It is part of our games and it should stay [even if I at times get irritated by them]. Why? Because Fifa you brought the beautiful game to Africa, so let us have our African atmospheres, shouting, laughs and tears. Europe it may disturb and infuriate you but this is AFRICA and not Europe. Give us our freedom of expression!!!

South Africa I am proud to be called South African, I am proud to be living in this country during this historic moment and I am proud of our players, supporters, organisation and friendly smiles.

I am proud to be able to watch a match where our supporters come from every race, creed and background. TO know we have come this far from being nowhere.

I am a PROUD SOUTH AFRICAN today!!!!
SA fans in action

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11 Comments to Green With PRIDE for my Country — South Africa

  1. so right zk. the atmosphere was absolutely stunning, the security tight

    (the way I like it). The confed was the trial run for 2010, but Ubuntu is already in place amongst the people! viva South Africa viva

  2. colin syme

    There is an old lndian proverb which says, "send a thirsty man to find water, while you send a hungry man to find food,—-and they will both succeed"!

    South Africa is both of those, just reaching the semi-finals will set the country on fire and employers would be well advised to install a live TV connection at their place of work,—or put up with absenteeism on a big scale.

  3. Kenako, we keep talking about the international stars and dont realise we have our own stars that arent exposed becuase they are from Africa, hopefully this will change the views of the media and world football and our own "Steven Pienaars" and co. can be recognised as stars as well, which they duely deserve.

  4. 10 out of 10 … coming from someone who isn't south african, I was in complete awe, envy and respect for this nations phenomenal ability to get behind their teams, to host some amazing events very well and all done with a warm south african smile.

    2010 is more alive now then ever before … its going to be Freaking AWESOME 😀

  5. Miss Kharsany has hit the nail on the head.It seems she and the rest of us South African fans and people are sharing mutual feelings.We played on the international stage with fluency and confidence VIVA BAFANA!!!WOZA 2010 WOZA!!!!

  6. wow matey! awesome, n u hav hit the nail on the head. My thought and feeligns exactly! WoW! WoW! and WoW!

  7. I tweeted about how it was the first time a game actually drew tears from me, man, I was really moved.

    The Boys are going to rock the World Cup.

    And after having a flawless experience at the Confed Cup final, I have no doubt that this country will deliver a world class tournament next year!

  8. Beckenbauer: It all went to plan( Tuesday 30 June 2009

    an article off

    Franz Beckenbauer is a busy man wherever he goes and things were no different at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 for the 63-year-old legend. In his role as a member of the FIFA Executive Committee, the Bayern Munich president spent several days in South Africa, taking time in between his many other duties to watch the two semi-finals and the play-off for third place.

    Beckenbauer also found time to speak to exclusively about his first impressions of South Africa, his optimism for African football in general, the potential failure of several international heavyweights to qualify for next summer’s finals, and Germany’s crunch away qualifier in Russia. The man who won the FIFA World Cup™ both as a player and as a coach also shed some light on the current situation at Germany’s most successful club. Mr Beckenbauer, how do you rate the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 both in terms of football and organisation?

    Franz Beckenbauer: Everything I’ve seen so far has been very good. There were a few surprises in the group stage, especially in the Italy-Brazil game which the South Americans completely dominated. Overall I’d say that the football has been of a very high quality. The weather played a role, too, as it was very cool in the evenings, meaning the players were forced to keep moving so that they didn’t get cold. The organisation was very, very good. There were no problems and everything went to plan, so all in all it was a successful dress rehearsal for next summer’s World Cup.

    Which team caused the biggest surprise in your eyes?

    The USA of course! They lost their first two games and were by most people’s accounts as good as out. I’m sure they’d already packed their bags when the news came through they would be playing supposedly invincible Spain in the semi-finals. But that’s football – how many times have we seen one of the favourites slip up? The Spanish didn’t play badly either, they just couldn’t break their opponents down. The Americans rattled them with their sheer athleticism.

    Was there a team which impressed you in particular?

    That’s difficult to say. I don’t think the performances of South Africa and USA were a one-off, though. Both sides played with a high tempo and astonishingly they were able to maintain it over the 90 minutes. For me, that was the biggest surprise of all!

    World champions Italy crashed out in the group stage and European champions Spain failed to make it to the final. Do you think that these two heavyweights now have an advantage going into next summer’s FIFA World Cup having had this wake up call with plenty of time to spare?

    That could well be. I think they looked really disappointed, especially the Italians.

    The organisation was very, very good. There were no problems and everything went to plan, so all in all it was a successful dress rehearsal for next summer’s World Cup.

    Franz Beckenbauer

    What did you make of the atmosphere in the South African stadia? How did you find the vuvuzelas?

    I’ve experienced that kind of atmosphere a few times during my career. It seems very strange to us Europeans, but it’s not unpleasant. You get used to the tone of it, sometimes it gets a bit louder, sometimes quieter, but I can’t say it really bothers me. When I’m in the stadium, a brass band could be playing next to me and I wouldn’t hear them because I’m so focused on the game.

    Can fans look forward to a FIFA World Cup full of South African passion next summer?

    Absolutely! You’ve seen for yourselves how enthusiastic the South Africans are, so I’m sure you can imagine how big next year is going to be.

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