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Was feeling a bit lost since I hadn’t written a blog post in a while.
My down side is that I usually write when I feel passionately about something, and if that’s the case then sadly these days I’m not a very passionate person.

So I visited my old blog home. Went through some deadly old posts and realised that my virtual world has now evolved to a point where my friends who previously just commented on my posts are now what another friend call it: my “21st Century Friends”.

So got me wondering if I truly believe that these amazing, wonderful individuals are really friends or just acquaintances on my journey through life. Well some are most definitely that…mere acquaintances but the others are not.

I have come to meet some wonderful and weird and arb people in the last three years of my life through the Internet. These people I have also come to rely on and to cherish and treasure for who they are. We have gone past the obscene Internet connection communication and moved to deeper understanding face-to-face love and communication. Built over time these friendships will continue to grow and no doubt be friends who my children will refer to as aunts and uncles.

This is not saying that I am leaving my old school, campus and face-to-face non-internet friends. Definitely not!!! But I am saying that all my relationships are unique and significant in their own ways. And when people question me: can you really have true friends over the internet? I can turn around and tell them YES!!! And when I say it I believe every single word, emotion and meaning behind the word.

To all my friends … 21st century or not… you are my world!!!
I may never call, I may forget to even sms, but i think of you and I miss you and love you!!!

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  1. Ahhhhhhh so sweet … So to all of you who think the internet is full of perves and people that you simply CANNOT trust, catch a wake up please. Fact is if u arent online meeting people and embracing the marvels the internet has brought to humanity, civilisation and socalising then … You might as well dig a hole – Welcome to the 21st Century 🙂

  2. I'd like to think of myself as both…old school and 21st Century and thats uber cool. Besides, the best part of 21st Century buddies is they multiply tenfold. lotsa luv ya'll

  3. thanks guys

    Khalil to a start of a new friendship

    Yasin you know exactly what I mean

    Killa I most prob will do the same 🙂

    Sumayyah you def are both 🙂 we go way way back don't we … how awesome is that

  4. Well look at us; the first time I met you offline was when you moved into the crazy house. We both survived the nymphos, kleptos and the oros-tokoloshes and went on to become friends4eva:)

  5. awe saals … tell me about it … what memories and i would not change them for the world, despite my aggravation 🙂

  6. true my irc friends from way back then are still my heart n soul friends now and i still mostly chat with them over the net.Nice post hun

  7. i'm impressed,you say you're not passionate yet you wrote this piece with great fervour and had your friends in mind throughout the blog,you know you cant live without us and we without you hon mwah miss ya stax!!!!Don't say i didnt visit…..

  8. I pity the fool who calls me "uncle"!

    They may refer to me in the manner that all of mankind should… "Oh great one" 🙂

  9. Antonio don't hate … its such a harsh emotion 🙂

    Phantom you know how much i miss you everyday mwah

    Uncle Avi how you must be known eventually as that lol

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