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Coping with Grief


It’s taken me this long to talk about it. To really say what I feel. It’s a mere 40 days yet the trauma is still fresh in our minds, hearts and souls. Losing loved ones is never easy; losing them this way is the hardest. ...

On this day… 20 years ago


On this day 20 years ago one of the greatest men walked out of prison to the welcoming arms of his people. Many people in South Africa today are remembering this day, but like many I was one of those too young to realise the meaning of it all. Sure...

Remembering the Senses

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I’ve been promising to write all I can about my trip about a month and a half back to Maputo, Mozambique. But along the way I lost the plot a bit. This is me here trying to rectify this little mishap. Listening to Nickelback blasting in my ears and writing this...

Hotel Fasting

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It’s Ramadan, and during this time most people hate travelling. Somehow though it always happens with me that I get sent away to some African country. First year in Jhb and lucky I was sent to Madagascar about 2 weeks after Ramadan. Second year in Jhb [last year] I get...

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak


Another year in Johannesburg, completion of my second to be exact, but its my third Ramadan here. If people tell me once more that life gets easier remind me to cut them off from my life. Life doesn’t get easier, it gets weirder and at times harder. Ramadan is one of...



Was feeling a bit lost since I hadn’t written a blog post in a while. My down side is that I usually write when I feel passionately about something, and if that’s the case then sadly these days I’m not a very passionate person. So I visited my old blog home. Went...