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Nandos Ramadaan

Ramadaan Mubarak from Nandos


With Ramadaan starting next week, Nando’s is “whetting your appetite before” with this ‘tasteful’ ad. Watch out later this week for a give away right here. Btw there is some good behind this. At Nando’s, “Family” and “Heartfelt generosity” are two values we hold dearly. In this spirit we thought...

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak


Another year in Johannesburg, completion of my second to be exact, but its my third Ramadan here. If people tell me once more that life gets easier remind me to cut them off from my life. Life doesn’t get easier, it gets weirder and at times harder. Ramadan is one of...

Death to a Nation…or two


Its been forever since I last blogged properly. But that’s ok. I have come to terms with myself. The realization that the staunch once a week blogger does not exist anymore. She has moved on to realizing that life is more then blogging though I maybe shot by people since...


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The reason for reposting it here is to make sure that my other readers get a chance to share in the debate. Welcome to the land of the Gold Coast and the slave traders. Yes Akwaaba means welcome and you certainly are as I mentioned previously in my last post. Here...