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Coping with Grief


It’s taken me this long to talk about it. To really say what I feel. It’s a mere 40 days yet the trauma is still fresh in our minds, hearts and souls. Losing loved ones is never easy; losing them this way is the hardest. ...


Eid, Pick Pockets and Life


People usually tell me my life is exciting but these last two days steal the cake for this month. Yesterday, 17 November 2010, was Eid ul Adha. One of the times I love most and I love going home, Durban and spending it with the family. This year was no...

The Advantages and Disads to having….


In our office you can never quite figure out what some one will say, do or write. This hilarious post below was written by Donna… Yes I wanted to post it because… I CAN!!! The advantages and disadvantages of having more than 19 kids In this day and age, most...