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Pyramids of Giza

The Land of Queens and Pharaohs – Travels 1


Disclaimer: These a long winded blog posts. Your choice how much you read but these are purely my take on my adventures in the Middle East I promised to blog about my travels so here goes. No words can explain the full experience that I had, the sights that I...


Eid, Pick Pockets and Life


People usually tell me my life is exciting but these last two days steal the cake for this month. Yesterday, 17 November 2010, was Eid ul Adha. One of the times I love most and I love going home, Durban and spending it with the family. This year was no...

Hotel Fasting

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It’s Ramadan, and during this time most people hate travelling. Somehow though it always happens with me that I get sent away to some African country. First year in Jhb and lucky I was sent to Madagascar about 2 weeks after Ramadan. Second year in Jhb [last year] I get...

Rambling discoveries

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An attempt at rediscovery and finding a way to write again... There’s this place just north of Durban, that we use to frequent often growing up. It's also one of those special places to me. Surrounded by a nature reserve we use to go there on weekends...