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Revving Up


Delusional illusions always find me wondering if I am doing the right thing or not. For now I think I am and that’s all that matters. So you asking yourself what am I going on about. Well I have changed professions. And moved to an amazing company. It’s all pretty...

New Foundations


It beens a while since I posted or blogged for that matter on either of my blogs. Theres been a reason for this. More then anything i wanted to start anew. I thought that once I found the right host and started creating this site, I would find peace and...

Test Post

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So I decided to finally get into gear and move my blog here. This is a test post to actually fathom out if I have come to grips on how my new template works. Been having problems with the back end and the scripts I want to use. Saaleha has been awesome...