Love in the time of Crisis


The last week and this have been a crazy time and I know its not going to be any easier. My darling cousin got proposed/engaged to a friend of mine which is brilliant for me – I think. You maybe wondering why I wrote it as ‘proposal/engaged’, well that’s because I realized that to me it all means the same. I personally think that we – Indians – have a tendency of wanting to do too much. They come see the girl, then they come propose, then they have engagement, then its mendhi before the wedding, and even maybe a qwaali [think I spelt that wrong but it’s a music night or something], then its kataam night for the Muslims [were the Quran is completed to give the new couple blessing]

AND THEN is the wedding…and walimah. So the problem was that none of us knew what to call this little event that took place. The boy’s side came and they put the ‘chain’ so I’m calling it an engagement…

Another thing that I maybe at fault in doing is that I’m looking too much into this thing. You lost as to what I’m talking about right? Well I mean it’s my fav cousin [who is only 6months my junior] and a friend of mine who I get along with brilliantly. So it should work out perfectly …right? Or maybe not. [I am not talking about their marriage here but about my relationship with them]. I mean who am I to think that I can 24/7 hang out with them when they all married. Eish the issues lol but I’m over glad its them together. They happy and good together and the advantage is that I can barge into their home when ever. **big grin on my face**cheeks and all**

Though people are thinking that I would be next since she got hitched but I keep reminding them that I’m not ready for it nor do I want it right now. “I have too much to do and too much to see.” But they have it stuck still in their heads that I will casually find someone all of a sudden and get buckled. Like I mean do they not realize that my life is now definitely off on a tangent to another place? At one stage I may have welcomed the fact that I would find someone or had found someone to settle down with, but recently I realized the more I stayed away from home and the more I got to know me, the more I didn’t want it. Don’t get me wrong… if someone comes along and its meant to be it will be and I will not stop the process, but right now I will definitely not see what is in front of me because I choose not to. I choose to see what life has to offer me with out the need of having to have a better half. They say the better half would complete me and that I will see the world with him in a different light but I want to see it in the light that belongs solely to me. “Mine all mine.” Selfish as that may sound I know that if I didn’t try to do everything I wanted to now I would regret jumping into something I don’t want at the moment.

“I will get married to the one I want and need, when I want and need him, not before and not after.”

[maybe one day I will choke on those words but till then I will live with it!]

On to more brilliant and informative issues. I have come to realize that the world is a whole lot of superficial hogwash. Economic crisis, financial meltdown, food crisis, climate crisis, war crisis, nuclear crisis…damn only CRISIS’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now really [come to think of it why would you get married and have kids with all these crisis’?] is this what the world is coming to? At the moment with the job I have I seem to be only coming across the bad in the world. Its making me grow a thicker skin that I feel I am loosing myself. I’m at that point were if I don’t step back these issues and the human suffering that comes with it will wash of my back and mean nothing to me. Its like watching the bad on tv continuously so that it goes in one ear comes out another and that you don’t give a flying F^%k what happens. “if its not me or my family why should I bother?” Emotionally detachment from all that surrounds you.

With out human emotion there is no love, no hope and no promise of a better tomorrow…

PS: wonder if anyone got my title 😉

PPS: Watching the US elections closely…finally stretch…what surprises are in store?!?!? Anyone?

And have you noticed how the elections are overshadowing the financial meltdown? Attention has moved away from the bail outs and are now on Sarah Palins phathetic attempts at dressing and economics….Palin and Bush = Dumb and Dumber 😛

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6 Comments to Love in the time of Crisis

  1. Hello Lady :)Well, Love in the time of chaos sure beats Love in the time of cholera!(Which reminds me, I still have to read the book!)Well, life goes on and it turns and turns.There's a catastrophe everywhere we turn, however, now and then we find a sliver of good and that, in my opinion is what keeps life great … amongst all the tragedy, horror, someone out there is happy and perhaps doing good.I father thinks I'm mad for being such an optimist, yet that's how I am.Btw, saw the engagement pics on fb…you look gorgeous…and tell the one to be engaged, good luck, take it easy. I already gave the side of the engaged party advice sometime in Ramadaan, let's hope he took heed! 😀

  2. Hey There Gal…Interesting Theory U Got Running Here.. But I Still Say Settle Down Now, Im Sure Fati And Mrs Minty wod agree with me..And Yes Mrs Minty, Im Taking Ur advise, Its The Right Thing to Do.. Now U Talk to Zoey… Lets C U Convince Her.

  3. Isnt marriage one of those things we should not delay in.. Esp when the time settles in.. (age and stuff)..Im telling you this, so i can instill it in my head as well.. I need these constant reminders..Well, not that i dont want to.. Just finding it tough looking.. Thats all

  4. Sameerah -the storyt

    You sound exactly like me…you'l find the one on your time, when you ready, and you not now.. But honestly it doesnt work like that. Im your proof, when knight in shining armour comes to sweep you off your feet nothing is more important than wanting to share your life with that person. I surely ate my words.Love comes whn you least expect it…

  5. lol Fatima you have it spot on love in the time of Cholerai liked the book somewhat never watch the movieyes i am an optimist as well but i was voicing a certain nagging feeling that was coming over me. Arsh -> mrs minty can not give me guidance as i dnt need it. there is no one therefore there is no need for the guidance :PKilla -> keep telling yourself that maybe one day you will believe it. also i think you missed what i was saying. I am not ready for it now therefore do not want it now but if it comes it will and i will not say no but there is no need for me to go looking for it. i did not think i was delaying as there is nothing that needs to be delayedSam -> you back in the living and you my exact example in point. It came from no where and caught you off balance. My point is you were not looking for it. Same theory applies to me :)i hope it does come when i least expect it but right now i'm secretly hoping its not now 🙂

  6. emancipatingmymind

    🙂 a girl after my own heart. That's exactly how I feel. don't let any idiot tell you differently about what they think you missing out on. You not missing out on anything you not ready to have. I think when you are ready these tings come your way.Enjoy your job and the sadness that it makes you feel also makes you stronger and I believe a better person. take the lessons from it and find a way to keep doing what you doing. I don't think you have the capacity to not feel it, you've chosen this path because you are someone that feels and cares.Most importantly just don't ever lose the opportunity to take care of you and to have a blast. It makes it all so much more worthwhile.

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