Test Post


So I decided to finally get into gear and move my blog here.

This is a test post to actually fathom out if I have come to grips on how my new template works. Been having problems with the back end and the scripts I want to use.

Saaleha has been awesome in helping me finally make the transition and Nafisa is the one who found me such a great deal. Now if only I knew how to edit html and css. Also any help with wordpress is most welcomed. Its hard moving to WP after being a Blogger for so long.

Any ideas and suggestions are most welcomed.

Its sad to see the original Insights faid away but change is good and I think that blog will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first original blog while my first blog post though was at 5fm. Sigh who would have thought…

Leave comments as well so I can test the whole theme properly 🙂

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