The Advantages and Disads to having….


In our office you can never quite figure out what some one will say, do or write. This hilarious post below was written by Donna

Yes I wanted to post it because… I CAN!!!

The advantages and disadvantages of having more than 19 kids

In this day and age, most people stop procreating at around three or four kids. If you’re Brangelina, you go up to six. But if you’re tempted to continue until you have more than 19 kids, here are the significant advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages

  • You have a complete soccer team… and then some
  • Fathers Day or Mothers Day is a real cash cow
  • Chances are there’s a huge age difference between your oldest and youngest – so you’ll always have a babysitter
  • Hand me down clothes are a real cost saving
  • You’ll have at least 70 grandchildren and probably 180 great grandchildren
  • You become the poster child for family planning
  • You can run your own family business and never have to deal with the CCMA
  • You will never be lonely… ever

The disadvantages

  • You will never remember all their names or birthdays
  • 20 kids equals at least one kiddies’ birthday party each month – have you ever been to a kiddies’ birthday party? Pure hell I tell you
  • Imagine how many parent-teacher evenings you have to attend
  • You will have to rent a bus for family outings
  • Father Christmas will give your house a skip completely because it’s just too damn expensive
  • Two words: medical bills
  • Another two words: school bills
  • One washing machine just won’t cut it
  • You will always be broke
  • You will be old young
  • When you’re old, you’ll be the ping pong parent as they try fob you off on each other
  • You have to have two and a half dinner and cutlery sets, and a really long dining room table
  • You will never be able to touch the TV remote
  • You will never be alone… ever


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  1. i prefer being surrounded, maybe cos I'm from a big family. And there's a write up in the times, about how coming from bigger families give you social skills. And you and I both know, we love being social!


  2. Lol – I love this post! 😀

    I love big families! My immediate family is small – there's only 3 of us – but we're growing! 🙂

    My parents now have 12 people in their household and it's already starting to get crazy, but I love it. I miss the din that is everyone trying to talk above another person as we're trying to get a message across while the latest addition is screaming murder as someone stole her cake/toy/ice cream/or is just plain annoyed. 🙂 And whilst the attention is on the one sprog, the other sprog decides to bring sand inside from the garden and unleashes it all over the living room couches, eats some of it and decides to put some in her hair.

    It's fun but it gets insane at times. We're only 3 siblings, and I'm pretty sure having one brother is sometimes more than enough, but I always wanted a younger brother to pester. My younger cousins had to fill that position as we were growing up.

    My cousin is married to the youngest of (I think) 13 kids!

    Whenever I visit him it's crazy over there 🙂

    I also think he goes a bit looney as he can't keep up with so many in-laws! 😀

    My father-in-law has 9 brother's and sister's (I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few!). Family get together's are a busy affair as you've got to include children and grandchildren and to be honest, it took me a whole year to get names right!

    I also know someone else who was the youngest of 16 kids and as a birthday gift his siblings got together and got him a T-shirt with the number 16 written on it 🙂

    I know it's the norm to have 2-3 kids nowadays, but I don't see what's wrong in having more if you can manage it 🙂

  3. Ha ha – so maybe having kids in the double digits isn't as rare as I thought it was! You guys make big families sound like lotsa fun. I'm not sure my family could handle getting much bigger… too much drama already! :o)

  4. Oh ZK… forgot to say thanks for posting this article. Makes me want to start writing all over again. You rock chicka

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