Nando’s Vouchers: Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak

As promised, Nando’s delivered some vouchers, and they want me to give it away right here.

So here’s what you have to do.

In the spirit of Ramadan, who do you meet everyday, that could really use a Nando’s meal?

Tell me, in the comments, and the voucher is yours + you share a meal with that person.*

Get commenting!

Nandos Vouchers

*This give away is for anyone in South Africa. I’m willing to mail it to you. 😉

9 Comments to Nando’s Vouchers: Ramadan Mubarak

  1. It shouldn be only for the spirit of ramadaan, but I feel we take food for granted , and our lifestyles compared to the ones who would die to be in our places, I would love one of those vouchers so you can be a part of my mini feeding scheme, in and around my work route, seeing the less fortunate begging for cents rands and whatever we can offer and robots and at street corners, yet we shut them out ,leave them to the cold to suffer more than they already have,let this month open our hearts way more than we have opened them in the past 🙂

  2. The person who I meet everyday and that def deserves a meal voucher is my husband! Lol you should see he’s face when he gets home @ about 4. He looks like a lost puppy dog that hasn’t seen water or food years.lucky this look only comes 30 days in a year.that is in the blessed month of ramadhaan:) another person that def deserves a meal is kinyboy, a drunky whose been in my inlaws family for years and no1 knows where he came from

  3. I meet this girl usually at taraweeh who goes by th alias KK. You may know her 😉 she’s so skinny, + she has to fast for 30 days, poor bichari gets even tinier. Now that little girl could really do with a nandos 1/4 chicken meal and COKE 😉

    PS, is this compo open to family? :$

    I’m hungry now. -_-

    • Damn cuz, sorry no can do. 😛 And anyway I know you will be feeding her every night she comes over for taraweeh.

  4. zaheer cassim

    Please give nandos to my gardner Raymond. The man has worked for us for nearly a decade and everyday he carries a smile. Raymond is the coolest and chillest gardner around, please give him nandos.

  5. Nandos is my meal come true
    I love lemon and herb and sometimes hot too
    There’s spicy wedges and perinaise
    And I can’t go without Nandos for Days

    The end.

  6. Zubair Kaka

    My nandos voucher will be used to buy a beeeg parcel of food for Iftar in ye masjid. In that way, I’d feed the kids, the hungry and those poor people who only get chow Iftar time. And of course me!

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