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Nelson Mandela's walk to freedom - 11 February 1990

Nelson Mandela’s walk to freedom – 11 February 1990

On this day 20 years ago one of the greatest men walked out of prison to the welcoming arms of his people.

Many people in South Africa today are remembering this day, but like many I was one of those too young to realise the meaning of it all. Sure my parents had set me down countless times and told me why this day was important and who Nelson Mandela was, but a six-year old only knows the excitement that surrounds her and not what is happening. I remember running around the room waiting to see the first images of the man everyone kept talking about.

Not only was is a memorable day because of his release to me, but it was also a hot, sunny one in Durban, meaning pool time for sure. Yes, thats how I remember it.

One thing though that everyone today seems to be forgetting is the if it wasn’t for the push and the person FW de Klerk is, we really would not be having much to celebrate. Mandela is a great man especially for calling for peace and holding a country together which threatened to spill the blood of innocent people, but I personally also have to give credit to de Klerk. Yes, he was part of the Apartheid system, yes his morals and ethics need questioning but he did set free the man who brought this nation together.

Thank you to de Klerk and thank you very very much to Tata Madiba, for giving me the opportunity to grow up FREE and to let me finish school, go to campus and be the person I want to be – in – SOUTH AFRICA!!!

***YouTube vid of the events of that day…20 years ago!!!***
BBC News: Nelson Mandela released from prison

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  1. We have so much to be thankful for hey, and so much more to work towards… At least we can say it happened in our lifetime…

  2. at least we can say that cuz 🙂

    a lot to be grateful for and a lot has happened in our life time

    – downfall of apartheid

    – mandelas freedom

    – first democratic elections

    – rugby world cup

    -cricket world cup

    -now football [soccer] world cup

    – turn of the century

    and so much more

  3. We live in momentous times Zoe. 50 years from now, our kids, grandkids etc. will be asking "Nani what was it like?" We better make sure we know how to tell itneresting stories!

    Mzanzi foreva!

  4. I don't remember much of it either (I was 9 at the time) – but for the older generations, it was obviously amazing (and we've felt the effects by living in this country in the post-Apartheid era).

    I think it is something to be commemorated – but we really need to not be fooled by this concept of "freedom". Yes, there's political freedom – no more Apartheid – but we have a kind of extreme 'freedom' now, in the form of such massive liberalism. I mean, freedom is good – but it comes with responsibility. And sadly, I don't see a lot of responsibility – or accountability even at government level.

    What i mean is: these politicians waste SOOOO much money on fancy cars and houses etc, while most of their people are still struggling.

    How can THAT be justified?

    And with such a rampant culture of pornography, gambling, and other vices – all legalised in this new, liberal democracy – we see the effects.

    I'm not saying this is specific to SA – these are global problems – but my point is that we have to look closely at what 'freedom' really means; and whether this freedom is being abused by such a blatant disregard for the responsibilities that come with it.

    there's way more work to do in this country. unfortunately, for a lot of us, there's a sense of apathy – because we see this apartheid struggle as being over, so now 'there is no struggle…we're free'. and that's a very, very misguided view – because our country still has a long way to go.

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