Yearly Archives: 2012


Creating Sparks: Writing your blog


Having to submit a blog is never easy. It takes time to think of an idea, and then write about it. Having to write this post got me thinking on how to actually generate ideas and to store it. Most of the time, my idea sparks from something I have...

Review: iDrifta


A few weeks back I was sent the iDrifta for testing. If you, like me, are a sports enthusiast, chances are you already own a Drifta. A Drifta is a neat little device that allows you to catch certain channels – mainly Supersport – on your mobile phone. If you...

Ramadan Mubarak

Nando’s Vouchers: Ramadan Mubarak


As promised, Nando’s delivered some vouchers, and they want me to give it away right here. So here’s what you have to do. In the spirit of Ramadan, who do you meet everyday, that could really use a Nando’s meal? Tell me, in the comments, and the voucher is yours...

Nandos Ramadaan

Ramadaan Mubarak from Nandos


With Ramadaan starting next week, Nando’s is “whetting your appetite before” with this ‘tasteful’ ad. Watch out later this week for a give away right here. Btw there is some good behind this. At Nando’s, “Family” and “Heartfelt generosity” are two values we hold dearly. In this spirit we thought...

Nokia Lumia 900 DKR


Typing this at the Nokia Lumia 900 launch event. Here are my first thoughts: – Looks amazing – Runs Microsoft – part of the Lumia family – Only available on MTN currently – with 75mb data, which is a problem in that it wouldn’t last a day with people, like...