Well i Am: Things I learnt in a 100 days

well i am

The well i am challenge 100 healthy days has come to an end, but my journey on this road of healthiness, I hope, continues. There are things I learnt about myself that surprised even me. This challenge was an interesting one. When I started it, I was worried how I was going to do it, excited on knowing that I wasn’t doing it alone and apprehensive with my crazy life.

What an amazing journey it has been.

So here’s what I learnt:

  • I am Strong

Never realised how strong I was till I set out on this challenge, and I don’t mean just in the physicality. I mean both. Physically, I have been pushing my body through things I never knew I could do, and mentally I am now driven to see how far I can take it.

  • I Can Do It

No one and nothing can tell me no. Exercise was never for me, I always stopped as soon as it started paining, yet now I push myself. I am still not the best at getting fit, but I have pushed myself past the mental stop line I had. It’s a start. I still need the willpower though to eat the right things, but I am getting there.

  • Support works

If it wasn’t for the well i am support structures, and people cheering you on, and my cousin insisting we shouldn’t stop, I guess I would have flunked out a whole lot earlier. Probably in the first 10 days of the challenge. Your own best cheerleader is yourself, but sometimes you just need one other person cheering you on.

  • Life is always a challengeĀ 

Have you ever tried to eat healthy and train hard and then had to fast for a month, or fly around for work or randomly schedule a holiday overseas. Yah, life doesn’t get easier but it’s what you make of it. I definitely did not stop myself from eating, but through the challenge I got better at increasing the number of meals and eating in moderation. It worked, but life will always throw you a few curve balls – hit those suckers out of the park. šŸ˜‰

So here’s to many more good healthy days, knowing I can do it.

I even like going to the gym these days, which is rare. I’ve reached a point, if I haven’t done something active in a few days, I feel sluggish and unhappy. This has definitely been a great lifestyle change.

Thanks to the team at Well i Am for the opportunity in participating in this challenge.

Disclaimer:Ā I was part of theirĀ influencer programme.

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