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Having to submit a blog is never easy. It takes time to think of an idea, and then write about it.

Having to write this post got me thinking on how to actually generate ideas and to store it. Most of the time, my idea sparks from something I have read, but how then can I hold on to it so it’s not lost it in the matrix.

Here’s what I’ve learnt:

  • Store the information:

Easy enough, right? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Alerts and RSS feeds – I have it all. I’ve learnt that I take in so much information and I remember it at times but when I am blank, there is nothing to go back to. I have no place in which I have stored it, tagged it or archived it.

My quick tricks now: Evernote and Evernote plugin for browsers, favouriting Tweets I want to see and use later, and ‘Like’ updates on Facebook, or click the link and store it in Evernote. It’s a slow process, but at least I have somewhere I can go back to for inspiration.

  • Don’t let the great idea escape you:

That light bulb moment happens to me when I’m about to fall asleep, or I’m in the shower. It’s reached a point that now I take a white boarder marker into the bathroom with me. Writing with it on the tiles and then going back later to store it on my phone.

We’ve heard of many great ideas been written on napkins, even Richard Berry wrote his famous song “Louie, Louie” on a piece of toilet roll.

These moments happen to everyone at different times. We’re lucky to live in a digital age, with smartphones that exceed our expectations. Make the most of it; use Notes and/or Evernote on that smart little device of yours.

[Yes, I used Evernote again, but it’s the one app that I really enjoy as it syncs and backs-up online.]
  • Now write it:

The one thing we were all thought growing up is, don’t procrastinate. It wrings true to this day. You have the information and the idea, just write the post, even weeks before it’s due. Why, you can hand it in on time, or use it at your own discretion. Furthermore, it allows you the chance to edit and make it that ‘perfect blog post’.

  • Let your idea flow:

Write it all down, don’t try to edit it till you finish. I’ve learnt the hard way, trying to write it perfectly from the start is the greatest impediment. It hampers your idea flow as well. Put it all on paper, even as bullet points, and then go back and re-write it.

Once you have this, you can follow the basic outlines of making your blog post better.

  • Perfect title
  • Make the point clear
  • Use lists and bullets
  • Link back
  • Stick to the point

Here’s a quick infographics to help you make the ‘Perfect Blog Post’.

How to write the perfect blogpost

What tools do you use? How do you remember?

[Image Source: Perfect Blog Post]

4 Comments to Creating Sparks: Writing your blog

  1. Rad post.

    I tend to find the lowly, and apparently dead, Delicious does wonders to store those posts and nuggets of genius from other posts – which spark even more nuggets of well….just writing.

    I find the “whiteboard marker on tiles” quite useful, although probably not advisable when halfway through a ‘no. 2’

    • Lol Mongezi
      Actually why not then? You’re sitting on the loo, nothing better to do, tiles are next to you… 😉

      I still use StumbleUpon and Delicious. Use to be a fan of Digg but that is no more. I think for everyone we have different techniques and tricks.

      My biggest issue use to be not remembering, and the fact that Evernote and Notes are on my phone makes it so much easier.

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