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Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S Rocks!

It seems I’ve been loaded with reviews lately but seriously its not my fault that all the good things come at the end of the year in time for Christmas presents.

Hope you caught the hint!

I want this phone!

Yes I have a birthday coming up before Christmas so I have a few suggestions on my present list and this is one of them.

Why the Samsung Galaxy S? Well here are the reasons…let me count the ways…

The Galaxy is a a little bigger then other phone but it is slimmer and lighter. It easy to hold and has a slight bump at the base which fits nicely in my tiny hands and makes it easier to hold on to.

I love the screen which is bigger then any other phone out there but also clearer and not pixelated. With a 480 x 800 pixel screen images are awesome, brighter and better.

The 5-megapixel camera will suit anyone just fine – though I wish it was slightly higher. Even with that in mind, I have no issues snapping away with this camera.

Google is central to this phone and once signed in on your Gmail account, everything else is connected including your calendar and contact list with phone numbers. No need to sync with your computer if you have already synced to your Gmail account.

The best part about all of this is that the Galaxy is Android, which means countless ‘Free’ apps for download. I originally went a little crazy when I received the phone and managed to download tons of applications I may never use. The best applications though for download are Angry Birds – highly addictive, Tweetdeck, Mashable and Google Goggles.

Hours of entertainment in your hand!


Swype your fingers across to type a word

Another excellent feature on the Galaxy is Swype. Touch screens are generally difficult to use, but Swype makes having a touch screen worthwhile. Sliding over the keyboard, the Galaxy is able to pick up the word you want without you ever lifting your fingers. If it can’t find your word it will list the closest possible words to the letters you moved over.

Lastly, did I mention that with me going crazy over this phone, I only charged it after about 36 hours! Yes almost two full days with no charge.

This phone has an excellent battery that keeps going. Though for better performance, I suggest you download “Advanced Task Killer” to end all background applications that drain the battery.

Total Score: 9/10 [yes love the phone, if you have not caught on already!]

I have to be really honest here, Samsung was never my choice of phone, but things are changing. So will someone gift it to me please! [Yes I have to return the review phone – sigh]

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  1. Good review,sadly I just upgraded,I didn’t even look into samsung,but I guess its one to look for into the future.

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