Death to a Nation…or two

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Its been forever since I last blogged properly. But that’s ok. I have come to terms with myself. The realization that the staunch once a week blogger does not exist anymore. She has moved on to realizing that life is more then blogging though I maybe shot by people since who I have converted to the bloggersphere.

I would be ever grateful to the friends I have met through my blog, but I am no more reliant nor self absorbed to want to blog everyday or every week for that matter.

Enough of the third person jargon.

Let me really bring to focus the main ‘event’ that has got me blogging again for the moment.

The atrocious attack and war being conducted by the Israelis [Zionists] against the poor innocent people in Gaza, leaves me crying tears of blood. To know that those living in Gaza are not only Muslims but also Christians and even those Jews who are helping with aid, are being killed leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. To say that we [the world] did not see this coming would be to ensure that we lived in our own little worlds with blinkers on.

I can go through all the madness again but the sickening within my stomach prevents me from doing so. I relive these events online, and through every possible media I can get my hands on and not forgetting those who are there and relaying it to me. And if I can’t handle it through third parties my heart goes to all those living in the hallow of the deaf world. To not know whether your death will be next. To live in a deafened world.

I could blindly say that the Jews are to blame for this…for all of this. But then I would be as naïve as the next person. For I believe myself more informed and knowledgeable to know the difference between a Jew and a Zionist. And this is in deed the doing of the Zionists. No not all Jews openly condemn these attacks that are being carried out but here again I will not fault them, as I know they like everyone of us has been taught a certain way through out their lives and therefore can not see right and wrong.

I completely blame the Zionists and those in power who are not saying anything against them. Israel is doing this on the task of their parliament but is this the true will of Israel of those knowing that it is election year for them and they can only win votes but ‘apparently’ safe guarding Israel from Hamas.

I am left completely hopeless in knowing that the death toll that is ever increasing is strewn with innocent lives. The elimination of an entire generation. The risk of knowing that there maybe no more after these we lose who will stand up against the ugly mite that has become Israel. None to show us that we are being eaten alive by a monster which infests and festers within our skin to slowly deal us a terrible death.

With no warning and no barrier my sadness grows knowing and feeling that Gaza will be only the start and never the end.

Speak up presidents of nations, speak up president elects, speak up the people across the world and stop the holocaust you blindly refused to see in World War 2 start over now in your era. In the era you choose to rule and live in. Leave not your silence as a legacy to your people and to those after us. Stop it while you can. Before it blows up to deal us a deathly bomb as an ever present reminder like Auschwitz, as Hiroshima is known.

I could go on, but then I would run the risk of sounding like someone who is at risk of tripping on her tongue.

All I know for certain is that this is only the beginning of something.


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