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Fireworks and laser light display during the opening ceremony

The Beautiful Game


Told myself that I needed to start blogging again and more frequently but it never seems to happen. This is me making a concerted effort to blog at least once a week even if its only a picture or a video, even if it also only makes sense in my...

Why Doctors feel the need to strike


We live in country that has made me proud and sad all in one breath. Been talking to a doctor friend of mine and came to the realisation that I along with half the country does not actually know nor under stand why the doctors across the country are striking. I...

Green With PRIDE for my Country — South Africa


So this post finds me on a high from watching South Africa vs. Brazil in the second Confederation Cup final in Johannesburg, South Africa. Been meaning to post my thoughts on the previous matches I attended but I’ve just gotten more and more carried away with events happening around me. Some...