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Fireworks and laser light display during the opening ceremony
Performers at opening ceremony

Performers at opening ceremony

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Told myself that I needed to start blogging again and more frequently but it never seems to happen. This is me making a concerted effort to blog at least once a week even if its only a picture or a video, even if it also only makes sense in my mind and not my readers. Maybe that way I can generate some interesting conversations on deciphering code.

I have this insane passion for sports and most of all for football/soccer*. This year is Africa’s year of football greatness.

But it was with sadness that we witnessed tragedy strike the Togo international team in Angola this past weekend. To top it all off CAF is lead by some pretty stupid people. The Togo team had decided to return to their country to bury the dead and then make a decision and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) asked that they stay and play in the AFCON [African Cup of Nations].

They removed themselves from the competition but have no decided that they would like to return and to play in the competition. CAF – the bloody idiots – are not allowing them to return to the competition.

Some one please explain the stupidity that lies behind such decisions?

Anyway, not only is CAF stupid but the world if they think that one incident in a country that is approximately more than 5000kms aways [ok I have no idea how far it is] should affect the World Cup in South Africa, shows how devious and low handed people can be.

I mean when there was a bombing in Atlanta AT the Olympics did the rest of the world ask the USA to call of the games or move it elsewhere. This happened in another country NOT in South Africa.

It is not a security risk to SA. We are ready we are prepared for this competition and we want the world to see us for us. Stop grouping all countries in AFRICA as one.

“I think everybody understands [the attack] has nothing to do with South Africa,” Jordaan said. “When there was a bomb in London no-one said we should not have 2012 in London so we cannot have double standards.”

“The world must be balanced and must not apply different standards when it comes to the African continent. Our World Cup is secure and we are confident because we have employed a lot of resources to safeguard the event in our country.”

Blatter wrote to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) president, Isaa Hayatou, saying: “I have faith in Africa, and it is with this faith that together we will organise world football’s showcase event in 2010.”

[Times Live, 10Jan10]

My condolences are with the Togo nationals.

On the other hand, with the opening game already played, and if that’s anything to go by, this is going to be one cracker of a AFCON competition. With Angola leading 4-0 to see the match finish in a 4 all draw, you know this is going to only get better and better. The usual teams are firm favourites – Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana but anything can happen and I for one am excited to be watching African football.

Makes the lead up to the world cup all that more interesting. From today there is only 150days left to the biggest sporting event being kicked of in South Africa. Excitement only continues to mount and every time I see one of our amazing beautiful stadiums I get shivers and tingles down my spine. Also with the number of people coming into our country there is no doubt going to be some beautiful eye candy.

*Most of the world regard the beautiful game as football, but with Americanisation soccer has become as popular globally. Americans already had American football and therefore call football soccer.

Fireworks and laser light display during the opening ceremony

Fireworks and laser light display during the opening ceremony

5 Comments to The Beautiful Game

  1. Bloody idiots for sure those CAF dudes, I mean initially Togo qualified fair and square and do deserve to be in Angola. I would also go through mixed emotions after that incident and would have to take my time to decide if not I wanted to participate so it is understandable with their mixed reactions which leads to many decisions being taken.

    Thanks for sharing this with us thou, greatly appreciate it.

  2. If there is one thing that today's information channels has made available to us as a civilization it is our own independent ability to know, to find out. Unlike decades ago where a piece of news like this would be sufficient enough reason to cause enough issues for the WC in Africa. But such is not the case and if anything THANKS FOR THE FREE PUBLICITY, you just helping setup the stage for the ULTIMATE show, when Africa HOSTS THE WORLD.

    All i ask is as africans lets focus on getting some quality content out there that balances the negativity we are bound to feel and encounter from those that cant understand how a continent that could barely stand on its own two feet without "assistance" today stands mighty and proud. If there was ever a time when you should be proud as an African, irrespective of skin color, politics, etc its now – so scream about it.

    KE NAKO – we can't wait.

  3. I don't know what I anticipate more, the sky candy, eye candy or the raw and honed talent about to hit our shores. There's a definite vibe and like Yasin said I hope that not only do we have more balanced reporting. But that all Safa'sproactively help not just to calm fears of crime but to help stop it. and lets show the world how courteous and friendly we really are. adopt a fan!

    I.T.O of Toga being nopt being allowed to play, from a planning perspective there's a really pissed planner, on had to do backflips to ensure the smooth running of the event. that aside, the circumstances of their removal should have been taken into account!

  4. Whenever anyone hears that we're from South Africa, they get really excited as they know 3 things about SA – Nelson Mandela, Charlize Theron and now the World Cup.

    People are excited over in the US, yet they're worried about the safety.

    Just the other day, Harvard called my husband up and asked him to speak about 'Safety issues' to a group of students that were going to visit SA.

    They didn't know that they were going to get advice from an ardent SA patriot who insists that everyone should move to SA as it's the best (Speaking of which, if there is a sudden influx of American's and Canadian's into SA you know who to blame!).

    Yes there is a crime, but there's crime everywhere.

    Even in this little town of Cambridge in the US we hear of horrible murders and sexual assault crimes.

    It just doesn't make international news like how South Africa seems to get the coverage.

    Yes, I can walk outside alone at night over here, something I would never do in Johannesburg – but being a South African has honed my instincts so that I know which areas to avoid and how to walk around 'dodgy' parts.

    Just the other day I heard of a woman that was mugged on a street that I frequent to buy my daily groceries.

    An African student here at Harvard was robbed in Washington, DC – the muggers opened the door and grabbed.

    He said we have 'a false sense of security' living here in the US.

    Be vigilant, be aware…crime happens anywhere.

    I for one am going to the World Cup. I will have my flashing 2010 glasses on and I will probably have a vuvuzela.


  5. Hmmm

    Dear sister i would love to share the same enthusiasim as you do regarding the world cup event in South Africa but i must humbly disagree with you guys…

    Ask your selves the following questions…

    1.Do we have the proper personel who are equipped to handle foreigners reporting crimes? Not only deal with the complaints but also prevent them from occurring?Yes everywhere has crime but not everywhere is the size and has the same population as South Africa.For our countries size we are exceedingly dangerous

    2.Do we have adequate housing for all the people who will descend upon this country?

    3.Do we have adequate transport for people attending the World Cup

    I humbly submit that the answer to the above is no…I hope this country proves me wrong though

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