Cosmic Gate – Wake your Mind SA Tour 2013

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We’ve been lucky in South Africa over the last few years to have some amazing acts grace our shores on a continuous basis. One such duo is the German trance team of Bossi and Nic Chagall, better known as Cosmic Gate. Having thrilled us last year with their sounds and...

It’s not about the ‘Like’ anymore


Facebook continues to change and evolve. In recent months we’ve heard an outcry from Brand Pages regarding the change in Facebook’s algorithm [Edgerank] and how content reaches out to ‘fans’ and people using the platform....


Creating Sparks: Writing your blog


Having to submit a blog is never easy. It takes time to think of an idea, and then write about it. Having to write this post got me thinking on how to actually generate ideas and to store it. Most of the time, my idea sparks from something I have...

Review: iDrifta


A few weeks back I was sent the iDrifta for testing. If you, like me, are a sports enthusiast, chances are you already own a Drifta. A Drifta is a neat little device that allows you to catch certain channels – mainly Supersport – on your mobile phone. If you...

Ramadan Mubarak

Nando’s Vouchers: Ramadan Mubarak


As promised, Nando’s delivered some vouchers, and they want me to give it away right here. So here’s what you have to do. In the spirit of Ramadan, who do you meet everyday, that could really use a Nando’s meal? Tell me, in the comments, and the voucher is yours...

Nandos Ramadaan

Ramadaan Mubarak from Nandos


With Ramadaan starting next week, Nando’s is “whetting your appetite before” with this ‘tasteful’ ad. Watch out later this week for a give away right here. Btw there is some good behind this. At Nando’s, “Family” and “Heartfelt generosity” are two values we hold dearly. In this spirit we thought...

Nokia Lumia 900 DKR


Typing this at the Nokia Lumia 900 launch event. Here are my first thoughts: – Looks amazing – Runs Microsoft – part of the Lumia family – Only available on MTN currently – with 75mb data, which is a problem in that it wouldn’t last a day with people, like...

Community; love, loss and letting go


It's better to have had community love and let go, then to never have had community love at all. As a community manager, you know you’re doing something right when your community starts to grow organically and regulate itself - Its bliss; the sought after life where community managers only need...



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Pinterest is the latest phenomenon to grab social media addicts. Its steadfast growth in popularity (and subsequently, subscribers) means that it’s currently a greater traffic driver than Google+, according to Mashable....

Gareth Cliff on Everything

Cliff On Everything*


* I have one book to give away thanks to Gareth Cliff and his team.  All the details on how you can enter at the end of this post. Every time I hear Gareth Cliff on his 5FM Breakfast slot, chances are my body cringes and my ears beg the...

Coping with Grief


It’s taken me this long to talk about it. To really say what I feel. It’s a mere 40 days yet the trauma is still fresh in our minds, hearts and souls. Losing loved ones is never easy; losing them this way is the hardest. ...

Nokia E7

Review: Nokia E7…


– the Businessman/woman’s phone Let me set the record straight. I thought after my first Nokia review [Nokia N8], the guys would refuse to send me another phone to review, but I guess they like my honesty. So here are my thoughts on the Nokia E7. I was a little...

Kinect Adventure

Gamer, me?! You must be joking!


The title gives it all away. The beautiful people at Xbox South Africa decided that they would send me the Xbox Kinect to test out for a bit. I was a little gobsmacked, because if you knew me you would know that I am a little dyslexic when it comes...

Theatre of Petra

Ancient City: Petra – Travels 2


Disclaimer: These a long winded blog posts. Your choice how much you read but these are purely my take on my adventures in the Middle East Land and sea. Onwards on our journey and the true adventures began. Heading from Sharm, we travelled the rest of the Sinai to Nuweiba,...

Pyramids of Giza

The Land of Queens and Pharaohs – Travels 1


Disclaimer: These a long winded blog posts. Your choice how much you read but these are purely my take on my adventures in the Middle East I promised to blog about my travels so here goes. No words can explain the full experience that I had, the sights that I...

Meeting Above & Beyond

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So thanks to the guys Stacy and Carrie, I got to meet the Above & Beyond duo of Jono Grant and Tony McGuinness. I have to admit they were not what I expected. Not only were they humble amazing guys but Jono even joked about coming to perform Trance Around...


Eid, Pick Pockets and Life


People usually tell me my life is exciting but these last two days steal the cake for this month. Yesterday, 17 November 2010, was Eid ul Adha. One of the times I love most and I love going home, Durban and spending it with the family. This year was no...

Samsung Galaxy S

Review: Samsung Galaxy S

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The Samsung Galaxy S Rocks! It seems I’ve been loaded with reviews lately but seriously its not my fault that all the good things come at the end of the year in time for Christmas presents. Hope you caught the hint! I want this phone! Yes I have a birthday...