Social Business: Google+ for brands (and you!)

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Google+ is one of those platforms that confuse and leave people wanting it to evaporate into thin air. It actually isn’t all that bad. The platform just confuses people as it’s new and people never know how to adapt to change. Like with everything it takes time.

Remember the last time Facebook timeline had a major change and every one lost their shit? But they got over it, adapted and fell in love with it.

Same thing applies to Google+. Just because it’s unknown to many people, they live in fear of it. Best advice I could give – use the platform and then judge whether it is something to be fearful off or not.

Even better – download and read this eBook I wrote about Google+ for brands.


Print it, make notes on it, use it and embark on a journey that closely mirrors your usage of other Google products including Search and YouTube.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below, on Google+ or Twitter.

Feedback welcomed as well.


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