Death of mobile Tweetdeck

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*Originally posted here on 5-03-2013

If you use TweetDeck via your mobile device or through an app, take note: Twitter announced recently that they will no longer be developing and updating their TweetDeck mobile and computer apps using the API version 1.0 . In other words, use the web-based version or the latest Mac and PC version or nothing at all.

Having bought TweetDeck back in 2011, Twitter announced today that all older versions of TweetDeck will be shut down in May this year, stating that their focus would shift to their development efforts on their web based versions of TweetDeck. This means they will be discontinuing (and removing from respective app stores) their support of their older apps; TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone. Facebook integration will also be removed.


Since Twitter acquired TweetDeck in May 2011, updates have been more and more scarce and it was obvious Twitter had shifted their concentration on creating the web-based versions.

Twitter is currently changing their API, which means it is retiring version 1.0 which older versions of TweetDeck rely on. Thus Twitter is moving away from upgrading each version to work with the new API, to shutting them down.

I for one have moved along from TweetDeck. If you are an iOS user why not give Tweetbot a try. Although it may not have all the features of TweetDeck it comes pretty close and with each upgrade I’m sure we will soon see many of the features we had come to know and love on TweetDeck

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