How do I deal…?


Nazar doing what he loves doing

Someone told me that the best way for me to heal is to write what someone means to me. I am a writer and a blogger but sometimes words are hard to put down. How do you say goodbye to a friend? How do you let go even though they’ve only been a part of your life a short few months?

Knowing that the friendship I had for such a short time impacted me greatly, so greatly that hearing of your death all I can do is cry. Writing this is as hard as saying bye knowing the rest of the team and I will never hear your laugh, your wisecrack comments. Knowing that I can’t IM you even though you a desk away. Knowing that I can’t turn to you in one of our insane moments looking for ‘sweeties’. These small things are what I will miss the most.

Knowing that I only knew a small part of your life and not the entire picture. Knowing that I will never have the chance to know the full picture. It hurts! It hurts so much not being able to say goodbye.

You joined the team so recently, as recent as mine, but your beautiful heart, kind smile and willingness to help all of us will never be forgotten.

On another note, your band mates will sorely miss your insane guitar skills and Warthane will never be the same after losing one as great as yourself. Your mates and your family will miss you the most, but knowing how you touched my life will never be forgotten. Dear Nazar, who will sit next to me at lunch and eat everything with tomato sauce. Small memories and small moments make me forever blessed in knowing you.

Love you always… RIP Nazar Berezovsky 8/10/10

It’s not easy losing someone as awesome as Nazar but is also not easy losing old campus mates like Nadeem. To lose two people in three days makes life unbearable. Nadeem, I know that the way you suffered at the end, losing you may be the best thing for you. It hurts knowing I lost touch with you recently but you will always be remembered. Moments on campus, moments at the flat will never be forgotten.

Love always – RIP Nadeem 10/10/10 [11/10/10] Innalillahi wa inna illayhi raaji’oon

To all those who lose people, I know how you feel. Sadly each of us need our own ways to cope and recover. This is mine. This also makes the people I lose forever a part of me.

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