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Delusional illusions always find me wondering if I am doing the right thing or not. For now I think I am and that’s all that matters.

So you asking yourself what am I going on about. Well I have changed professions. And moved to an amazing company. It’s all pretty cool and exciting and interesting. I may have sold my soul to agency life but for now it’s definitely the place I want to be at.

So I’m the newbie at Cerebra/Brandsh. Yes confusing, as I have no idea where I fall in as yet but apparently on both sides. Not that I’m complaining. This is me loving it!!

The new offices are pretty cool as well. I love the colours and I’m such a g33k for brightness. Apparently after my first day yesterday, I was over enthusiastic explaining the colours to my flatmate. Well they awesome and a def change from what I am usually use to.

This is definitely an entire new ball game for me. So hoping everyone prays for me.

Over and out!!

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  1. I only pray for people that need it and judging by how sleek and nicely organised your blog is, you don't. First time read, nice and easy going, thanks. Enjoy the agency life, it has serious perks..

  2. thanks guys 🙂

    Dreamlife i am a content lead which in other words means i write and manage social media content for various clients


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