Monthly Archives: June 2009

Why Doctors feel the need to strike


We live in country that has made me proud and sad all in one breath. Been talking to a doctor friend of mine and came to the realisation that I along with half the country does not actually know nor under stand why the doctors across the country are striking. I...

Green With PRIDE for my Country — South Africa


So this post finds me on a high from watching South Africa vs. Brazil in the second Confederation Cup final in Johannesburg, South Africa. Been meaning to post my thoughts on the previous matches I attended but I’ve just gotten more and more carried away with events happening around me. Some...

New Foundations


It beens a while since I posted or blogged for that matter on either of my blogs. Theres been a reason for this. More then anything i wanted to start anew. I thought that once I found the right host and started creating this site, I would find peace and...