I’ve been ordered by BiBi to write again.
You may be wondering about the long and lengthy absence but I’ve been a tad disinterested in life at present. Trying to manage through to the end of Ramadan was not that difficult. The idea of going home for Eid was making it all the more easier.

But my concentration has been shot out the window/door/house/building. And this has left me in limbo not knowing where to go and what to do. Also other factors have been steadily creeping back into my life. No matter how hard I try to keep them away. Some one told me the reason for it was I never dealt with it when I should have at the right time and that’s the reason they coming back. But is there ever a right way to deal with anything?

So noting that I decided to finally start getting back on track. Been reading loads of blogs even though I have not written any in awhile and some have been profound and have started making me rethink life. Others are there just to put a smile on my face 🙂

Getting back into the blogging world again… what is there really to write about? What would I say that could make any difference? Why would anyone want to even read my stuff?

Then I realised I write what I want for myself. Like most of my fellow bloggers at the moment are doing. So what is it that I want to say?
Should it be important or whimsical?

I think I rather leave it as a mash up of thoughts and ideas. So this is a very much mash up and quick recount of what’s been happening.

Ghana as previously shouted was awesome. You can catch the pics here.

Nothing beats travelling Africa and I hope to continue doing it.

Something that has caught my total attention has to be the huge American market rescue. With them failing so has ours. But the thing is why the F&^king H&ll are we still so economically attached to a floundering one. Have our markets not learnt since the great depression and so. Another thing if we have other markets which are now such awesome leaders why should America matter to us?

Then again I never studied ecos so I would have to ask for further clarification by my more competent friends on explaining the reason the rand is weaker to the dollar if the American market is collapsing?

In another direction…following on the Ever-Greats post on choices and loved ones…it got me thinking would I ever do anything that was a good choice?
What’s a choice? Is what’s good in my eye good in another’s?

Will blog again… soon soon

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9 Comments to Re-emergence…

  1. Babe, it's your space, you write whatever you want to, as long as you write. We miss you when you aint around.

  2. welcome back :)i don't know much about markets, but i think they're all related to some degree. so what happens to the biggest market has a domino effect on others.either way, it's a system built with the wrong foundations (interest, speculation) – so how could it ever be truly successful?apparently, the paper money system of today is a fraud. some recommend going back to gold and silver as currency.whatever the case, such turmoil is indeed the sign of a falling empire. how it affects the rest of us, we'll see.obviously we'll be affected – but our whole lives are not based on this material stuff (i hope), so by keeping our iman strong, we'll survive anything, insha-Allah :)i think one of the

  3. I dont think you should feel compelled to blog for someone cos if you not blogging for yourself or to share someone, then you might feel as if it is drudgery, and in my opinion that goes against the purpose.

  4. Hi at sofi 🙂 good to see you here :)SG-> you called me babe?! lol should i fall down in shock but thanks hon :)DL-> thanks for giving more detail. Yes i know we are all interconnected but realistically speaking does China not hold the biggest market along with Japan? Also is not the British market just as powerful?If this is the case then why have they all suffered? Basically i want to understand the finer links between the markets and why the DOW continues to fall? Waseem -> i did not entirely return to writing due to Bibi only. There are other factors and ultimately i miss blogging. But before i entirely return i need to find myself again. So baby steps will ensue :)thanks for reading still :DIt makes me happy…

  5. so happy i met u in person before reading ur blogmakes the blog more warm, and i feel i understand this betterwe def want to read your stuff, i think blogging has become the way we stay human, in contact, touch our monkeyspheres, even in the most difficult of timeshamza should copyright his monkeysphere idea lol

  6. there is no right n wrong in life.its bout what u think n feel in ur heart is right.sometimes u make choices n realize l8r on in life tht it was wrong, no problem learn from it n move on…don beat urself up bout it!life is bout choices n lessons (some good some bad). u win some u lose some…keep trying, cover as much ground as possible.u can never lose 4 eva!

  7. waseem-i didn't force Zahira-I just said update already! :-)I didn't blog for a long time either. And it's ok not to.I asked Dawie Roodt about the rand falling even though the US economy is in the doldrums & he explained it, but now I can't remember it exactly enough to explain it here:-)

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