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Welcome to the land of the Gold Coast and the slave traders. Yes Akwaaba means welcome and you certainly are as I mentioned previously in my last post. Here again this is just a quick drop in as I sadly have no time for something longer and more to the liking of my choice.The reason for being in Accra is to attend and produce three newspapers for the Third High Level Forum for Aid Effectiveness. Basically as Muslims and during this month of Ramadan which is not only a month of fasting but also a month of charity giving, the forum should be of great interest to us. And to us also who spring from the developing world and who have great ties with volunteer and aid programmes.

The forum was to discuss how aid given by donors and donor countries can be best used and aligned in partner/recipient countries to help eradicate poverty. That is the main and general aim. I have my doubts on such forums and conferences as I’m a person who rather see it happening then just to hear all the talking going on.

For a full update on what has been going on check out our paper TerraViva online. We also produced a TerraViva surrounding issues raised by civil society organisations.Hopefully that will give some of you a better idea of the situation and conditions that some of us as volunteers don’t really see or have to deal with.

My concern is that will all this talk is it possible to give aid better?

Also can you do it while being neutral in a situation as you should always be?

The reason I ask this is that as Muslims we are also passionate about these topics, but can we look pass this and help everyone regardless of religion or race or political issue?

Can you honestly say that you would help a Jewish woman and child if they need help? Can you help a Taliban or American if they need the help? Can you do what is best for the person to eradicate poverty while looking pass some of the autrocities that government does? (eg. China and human right violations)

So with those questions I urge you as Muslims in this month to think about who you are as a person and how would you react in a situation that calls you to be a Muslim first and foremost.

I see Christian church leaders and organistions here representing and helping with out thought of religion, ethnicity or race but I see only one, yes ONE muslim organisation. Yes I know its not always about being present but it is indeed always about having a say and being heard. Where are our voices?

In terms of the fasting. Alhamdulliah I seem to only be feeling it for the first time today. And I have now met more and more muslims in Accra then when I first arrived. I was also fortunate enough to be pointed towards a Masjid but sadly it was not a prayer time. Inshallah I will be back here soon to see Ghana in a different way and a different light.

Will give more details on certain events that happened while i was here for this blog post.


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  1. Aah I see :)What an interesting experience it must have been!You pose some very interesting questions, but sometimes it's hard to let go of judgement.We should remember that one individual person is not (always)responsible for the calamaties that afflict us.Ramadaan Mubarak!!

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